XIX Winter Entry to Równica

Moto Weteran Bazar in Łódź was not the last attraction of the day for us. After several hours of searching for parts in Łódź, which started early in the morning, we had less than 300 km to reach the site of another unique event, or more precisely, the Winter Entry to Równica over Ustroń organized […]

Moto Weteran Bazar in Lodz

Last weekend in Łódź we came across the first Moto Weteran Bazar this year. As usual, the search for parts and suppliers was the main focus of our trip. As usual, there was plenty of junk, exhibitors and customers eager to ride vintage vehicles and more. The military department also had a rich display. The […]

Museum of Vintage Motorcycles

In the period between Christmas and New Year, we managed to visit an extraordinary place. This place was the Museum of Antique Motorcycles and more. This museum is located in Ustroń in Silesia and has a fairy-tale name: “Rusty Diamonds”. You can see there many rare, unique motorcycles in various conditions, both pre- and post-war. […]

Weekend in Wulkow

Last weekend we decided to visit the bazaar of our western neighbors. It seems like an ordinary bazaar, of which there are many in Germany, but in size it seems like the Moto Weteran Bazar in Łódź. Despite its size, it is not packed like our parties with clothes, helmets and cotton candy. Parts dominate, […]