Warsaw Motorcycle Show 2024 … It was supposed to be on a grand scale

On the weekend of March 22-24, 2024, another motorcycle event took place at Ptak Expo in Nadarzyn, which in theory was supposed to attract crowds of motorcyclists. It is true that for us it was not a thematic event closely related to our profession, but we could not refuse it, if only because we had not attended the last two editions, and we had even exhibited at these fairs in the past. I wonder if anyone remembers what we did at our stand during the weekend???

But coming back to the fair, I have the impression that the event is experiencing a bit of regression. There are fewer and fewer exhibitors, both small private and large factories. There was no factory representation for 2 of the 4 large Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. Only Kawasaki and Yamaha honored with their presence, but their stands were not decorated on a grand scale. However, there were countless motorcycles of nondescript brands, combustion and electric. The Jawa motorcycle stand caught my attention. Probably the most interesting item at this fair. Jawa currently produces modern motorcycles whose design is based on old, iconic models such as Panelka or Perak. In addition, there are city and tourist motorcycles. A really wide range of nice, unique motorcycles based in some cases on BMW components. The whole was complemented by a section with gadgets, accessories and motorcycle clothes. Meetings and interviews with athletes and people from the moto industry are also worth mentioning. To sum up, we think to spent a few hours wandering around the fair, but after 1.5 hours we started to get bored. Maybe next year the organizator will manage to attract more interesting exhibitors… We’ll see.