Our services

The leading activity of our company is total or partial renovation performed at the customer’s request and professional repairs of individual motorcycle components. We also service classic and vintage motorcycles in a wide range, from all types of mechanical repairs, through adjustments, to improving the aesthetic aspect of the vehicle. Another element of our activity is advisory services when purchasing a motorcycle and full comprehensive assistance in registering vintage vehicles. We have extensive experience supported by many years of practice in working with all kinds of vintage motorcycles from the 1920s to the 1980s. Several hundred motorcycles of various types have passed through our lab in different versions and configurations. We are able to help in any matter regarding vintage motorcycles…. Check us out.

Quality Standards and Testing

Each motorcycle rebuilt by our lab undergoes a series of extensive road tests to make sure that it is ready for the road and will not disappoint its rider. We don’t just respray the bikes so that they look pretty and fancy from the distance, but on closer inspection you can see that they have been smeared on the outside and are far from perfect. Our goal is to strive for perfection so that the finished project becomes a commercial vehicle again, allowing you to travel with it.

Our Renovation Policies and Process

We never improve the factory in our work. We make every effort to ensure that the motorcycles leaving us are a complete reflection of the original that left the factory several decades earlier. We do not specialize in specific models or even brands, we just stick to the slogan and SAVE ALL BRANDS.

The tasks we set for each new project include:

  1. Photo documentation of the whole process.

  2. Verification of the condition of all motorbike components, i.e. the engine, drivetrain, completeness and originality of the parts and most importantly accordance with the production year supported by the parts catalogue, manuals and original datasheets for all the models we encounter.

  3. Disassembly of the bike – sorting of the parts.

  4. Sand blasting of metal elements.

  5. Glass blasting of the aluminum components.

  6. Complex and thorough verification of the dimensions and shape of all the panels.

  7. Applying Anticorrosion protection, in-house painting and pinstriping (if requested).

  8. Searching for and buying all the parts essential to finishing the rebuild process.

  9. Assembly of the motorbike.

  10. First engine start and tune-up.

  11. Road tests in order to “break in” the engine and verify that all the essential systems like brakes, steering, work as intended.

  12. Each restored motorcycle receives a 2-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

Repairs of engines, gearboxes, differentials.

Carburetor regeneration.

Carburetor adjustments.

Electrical installation repairs.

Motorcyckle painting.

Powder coating of structural elements.

Freehand painting of pinstriping.


Glass blasting.

Chrome, nickel plating.

Galvanizing various colors.

Vibration and manual polishing.

Spoke wheels repairs.

Securing the interior of fuel tanks.

Comprehensive assistance in registering a historic vehicle.