XIX Winter Entry to Równica

Moto Weteran Bazar in Łódź was not the last attraction of the day for us. After several hours of searching for parts in Łódź, which started early in the morning, we had less than 300 km to reach the site of another unique event, or more precisely, the Winter Entry to Równica over Ustroń organized by the already well-known Rusty Diamonds Motorcycle Museum.

The cyclical event is organized for the nineteenth time. This year it fell on the same weekend as Moto Weteran Bazar. But we, despite the adversities of bad weather and the long distance, could not resist taking part in another interesting event in the world of retro motorcycles. As it turned out, various vehicles were entering Równica. From small Polish mopeds to large Soviet horse-drawn carriages. The small ones arrived even with a delay of several minutes, because the mountain is bit high. The turnout was surprisingly large, probably because there was no snow, and I must admit that we were counting on it. Unfortunately, you can’t have everything. After reaching the top and handing out commemorative diplomas, the team went back to the museum for a grilled sausage and a little something else. We are adding the whole event to the list of positively crazy and full-fledged events.