Museum of Vintage Motorcycles

In the period between Christmas and New Year, we managed to visit an extraordinary place.
This place was the Museum of Antique Motorcycles and more. This museum is located in Ustroń in Silesia and has a fairy-tale name: “Rusty Diamonds”. You can see there many rare, unique motorcycles in various conditions, both pre- and post-war.
Viewing the exhibits is enhanced by a very rich collection of gadgets related to motorcycling of those years, including antique license plates, tools, helmets, military equipment and many, many more.
I tried to capture the most interesting ones in the photos. It’s hot, even though it’s winter, I encourage you to visit this fantastic place.
We are adding the “Rusty Diamonds” Museum of Antique Motorcycles to our list of friends, we will regularly visit and admire the growing collection.