Moto Weteran Bazar in Łódź …. the largest event of this type in Poland

Last weekend, i.e. May 11-12, 2024, the largest event bringing together lovers of various monuments in Poland took place. At the beginning, the exhibitors were very sleepy, they slowly woke up and opened their stands, but that was probably because our team started looking for parts for our various projects at 6:30. From small mopeds to noble heavy motorcycles like the BMW R75 Sahara. And there was plenty to choose from. Łódź is unrivaled in this respect, exhibitors come here from all neighboring countries, from the Czech Republic to Latvia. It was going to be a few hours and several kilometers of walking, but what about us… we love it. For us, this is a very important event for many reasons, it is less than 120 km to our company’s headquarters, it is an endless source of used parts as well as the possibility of receiving new parts from our suppliers. A whole lot of literature from the era, a large part devoted to military items and an exchange of classic and antique vehicles. The event has been organized regularly for many years, and its May edition is usually the largest. After a difficult winter for every motorcyclist, spring comes and everyone remembers that they have motorcycles to take out into the sunlight. The weather in May is conducive to leaving the house and visiting Moto Weteran Bazar. If you haven’t been there yet, I highly recommend it, you won’t be disappointed.