Peugeot 204BD ’72

Peugeot 204BD ’72

I am offering a Peugeot 204 BD car from 1972. A rare version, not only is it a station wagon, but it also has a diesel engine. The vehicle has a complete history from the moment of purchase until today. Since its purchase, it has been owned by one Polish owner, my grandfather. It is mechanically ok, drives, turns and brakes. This is a great base for a full renovation and bringing it back to its former glory.

Additionally, my grandfather had been collecting spare parts for his Peugeot for years. He managed to collect a very large number of original parts bearing the Peugeot logo, as well as a huge amount of literature, both brochures and specialist literature, regarding this model. These include parts:
– set pistons with sleeves, pins and rings Peugeot
– set Peugeot glow plugs
– Purflux fuel filter
– Fiaam oil filter
– mechanical fuel pump with glass separator x2 Peugeot
– Peugeot fuel cap
– Peugeot front and rear brake repair kit
– Peugeot generator brushes
– front turn signals, complete Peugeot lamps
– Peugeot wheel pump
– Peugeot door seal
– Peugeot brake master cylinder repair kit
– oil pan with Peugeot gasket
– bumper teeth x2 Peugeot
– upper shock absorber mounting x3 Peugeot
– Diesel emblem, 204 Peugeot
– Peugeot timing chain
– voltage regulator
– wheel bearings set
– Peugeot brake pads
– suspension bushings set Peugeot
– Peugeot clutch disc
– Peugeot trunk lock base
– set Peugeot V-belts
– set engine gaskets x2 Peugeot

– Service manual, x3 manuals in various languages
– Brochures
– Brochures
– Parts catalogues
– Accessories catalog
– Original service book
– A whole lot of small documents from the moment of purchase to today

The vehicle is registered as a monument. Waiting for a new owner. If you are specifically interested, please contact me. I can send more photos if necessary. The vehicle is ready for personal inspection and test drive at any time.

PRICE: PLN 12,000